About Us

As a Missionary and as the Executive Director of Herko Family Mission, my heart has been torn as I see people living in deplorable housing environments. One lady, who lived in a dilapidated wooden shack, reported that a rat had eaten the cover off her Bible while the Bible was on her bed! Many, like her, are suffering as they battle the elements and struggle to survive in an economy where the average annual family income is only $ 3,500.

“Houses of Mercy” is building solid houses that are currently constructed with concrete blocks, reinforced with steel bars. The entire shelter provides protection from tropical storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes which plague Jamaica regularly. We are partnering with needy individuals by providing the materials for a house, while their investment is time and labor. It is a great balance in helping families out of a desperate situation, while at the same time giving families the respect of investing in their own situation. Work teams periodically partner with these families to complete some aspects of the construction.

Together, we can do something to relieve the plight of the poor. Will you partner with this mission by providing funding (in part or in whole) in building a “House of Mercy” as adequate shelter for those who need help?

Thank You,
Dennis Herko
Director of Houses of Mercy